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10 Signs You Need Us

Ten IT issues that can cost you money.

When you’re busy with the everyday realities of running a business, it’s understandable if IT issues are sometimes pushed to the back-burner. Still, your organization depends on its computers and networks to run smoothly. When you’re rifling through manuals, struggling with network downtime or waiting for an unreliable techie to call, you’re wasting time. Do some or any of these IT issues ring a bell?

  1. Does your computer take 10 minutes to boot up in the morning? There are approximately 260 work days per year. That’s 43 hours per year, per employee, just waiting for computers to boot. Frequently, simply scanning and maintaining computers can dramatically increase workstation – and employee performance.

  2. When something goes wrong, who can you count on? Surprisingly, many businesses don’t have a trusted IT professional on speed-dial. If you don’t have anyone on staff, time to start a relationship.

  3. IT issues can be critical and they need to be dealt with immediately, so a collaborative working relationship with your IT team is crucial. They should care about your business. If they’re slow, unresponsive or uncaring, it’s time to reevaluate the relationship.

  4. A slow or spotty network can be frustrating and waste a lot of time. Short delays, time-outs and errors may seem minor, but consider the frequency you and your staff encounter them. Keep track of how many minutes of waiting on a daily basis. Multiply that by 260 work days per year, and multiply that result by the number of employees who encounter these issues. If the number makes you, time to pick up the phone.

  5. Today many employees have a desktop computer and a mobile device like a smart phone. But the majority of mobile devices aren’t properly synched to their desktop. For example, when deleting email from one device, the email is not deleted from the other. This redundancy wastes time and can be easily fixed.

  6. Computer viruses slow down systems, wreak havoc on workstations. Some of the nastier ones simply take up residence in your system and gradually cripple it over time. The best way to deal with viruses is to avoid getting them in the first place. Effective anti-virus system management can limit the risk of viruses infecting your network and affecting business.

  7. You’re busy. You have hundreds of things to think about and not enough hours in the day. But taking the time to learn a few new tips will save you time and money over the long term. Learning one new IT-related skill per week can take as little as a minute. The next time you find yourself thinking, “I know there’s a better way to do this, but I just don’t have time right now,” think about how having someone dedicated to your IT needs can help relieve you of that pressure.

  8. Do you have a long-term IT strategy for your company? You should, because knowing where you’re going helps guide everyday decisions and avoid wasting money by buying products and services piecemeal.

  9. Many businesses only consider their servers when something goes wrong, Yet server monitoring is the best way to keep performance high and to avoid expensive crashes. Regular maintenance is affordable and saves money over the time and is essential to avoiding viruses and crashes.

  10. Oh, sure, your data gets backed up, right? It must get backed up, right? Right? Don’t learn the hard way. The majority of data backups are inadequate and loss of data is inevitable. Most businesses don’t realize this until the unthinkable happens.


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